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I am fascinated by ancient history. It contains the root of our origins and faith. The Bible leaves us with many unanswered questions concerning our beginnings. Genesis is more of an outline than an essay. Archaeologist have uncovered many ancient writings dating from 6000 BCE. As these are translated, we get a better understanding of ancient peoples and practices. One curious aspect of every ancient community is their polytheism. It is even more curious when we remember the close historical proximity these people have to Eden. If all of these peoples are the descendants of Adam and Eve why would they become polytheists? Why would they need gods other than the creator?

I was pondering what material Adam, Seth, Noach or Abraham may have used to teach their children monotheism. The most famous of Noach's sons, was Shem, the Melchizedik, (king of righteousness) called the high priest of G-d. Some believe that the Jewish patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob studied in the school of Shem and his son, Ever. What did they study? What prescribed teachings existed before Moses? What code did the patriarchs live by?

In the Bible, G-d speaks to Noach and makes a covenant that the earth would never again be destroyed by water. He puts a rainbow in the clouds as a sign of this covenant. Along, with this promise G-D gave responsibility. To be righteous monotheists. To live by the patriarchal code. These ancient codes codify human behavior for man to man and man to G-d, providing the basic code of conduct for all mankind.

John and Dana Hill